The Longstreet Story

No storks involved in this story. We began as the creators of customer retention-focused marketing services. As a team of two in our earliest days, we had a mobile app in mind, and we sought developers to help with the project. We told them our plan, and they delivered the code. What they didn’t give us was strategic direction or user experience advice. Fortunately, we grew our team with people who excel in such areas, positioned our product for growth, and subsequently launched several successful customer-retention products.


However, a question still plagued us: Why had no one explained how important user experience and marketing strategy were to our initial product? We took this learning experience and created Labs as a launching pad for similar businesses. Whether the website, mobile app, or product you have in mind is your first or your tenth, it’s your baby, and you deserve to have a product built with your customers in mind from day one.

Our Process


Prior to kicking off any project, we learn your business, the market, your audience, and your goals and then create a strategy that meets them.


Using the latest in UI/UX design principles, we sketch user flows and create wireframes, interactive prototypes, and ultimately, user-focused visual designs.


We bring your project to life and test it.                                                                                                                                                                                        


The culmination of our hard work together is showcased to the world!                                                                                                                     


You’re stuck with us for life (if you want). We’ll help you get your shiny new product in front of the right people and keep them coming back for more.